Vacuum Insulated Thermos Food Jar 34 Ounce Lunch Thermos with Handles, Portable Stainless Steel Lunch Box Containers Stay Hot for 3-5h Cold for 10h, Blue

Price: $22.99
(as of Sep 23,2022 23:24:55 UTC – Details)

Why choose this food jar?
1. Vacuum insulation technology
Designed with a double exterior wall with air sealing between the walls. This means that the temperature of your food does not contain a medium through which heat or cold can travel. Contents will stay hot for up to 5 hours, cold for 10 hours, and they will never sweat or get hot to the touch!
2. High quality 18/8 stainless steel
We use food grade 18/8 stainless steel, and chemicals won’t leach into your food like other materials when you heat food, which makes it perfect for soups and food on the go, and is guaranteed to provide you with a safe, toxin-free and highly rust-resistant product. ;
3. Wide Opening Hole
Wide mouth opening allows for easy filling and cleaning. You can eat food directly from the container or pour the contents into a bowl.
4. Comfortable handle cover
The lid is easy to carry with a portable handle on top, and is BPA free, perfect for lunch at school or the office.
1. Hand wash to ensure all parts are completely clean and to protect the appearance of your product. The cover can not be placed in the dishwasher, the silicone ring is removable for washing to avoid mildew.
2. Please fill in the right amount of food, best 1 cm below the edge.
3. When filling hot content, please let the content cool down a few minutes before closing the cap. The steam will create internal and external atmospheric pressure causing it to be difficult to open or leak due to unbalanced air pressure, keep the position upright and not vibrate, and the air pressure will be gradually balanced. Test with cold water inside, it will not leak upside down even shaken.
4. When the lid is closed, if it is loosened due to thermal expansion and contraction pressure, after pouring the hot contents a few minutes, the internal pressure will make the lid airtight and airtight.

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