Thirteen Chefs Large Cutting Boards for Kitchen – 18″ x 12″ x .5″ Professional HDPE Plastic Chopping Board for Carving, Dicing, Mashing and More – Commercial Grade & Dishwasher Safe, Black

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(as of Sep 14,2022 16:28:02 UTC – Details)

Professional HDPE Plastic Cutting Boards By Thirteen Chefs Used by food service professionals, our plastic cutting boards are designed to suit the harsh environment of restaurant kitchens. Made of industrial grade HDPE plastic, our plates help keep the kitchen clean and sanitary, as our engineered plastic is resistant to warping, knife scarring, and stains. HDPE is a naturally heavier material (but not too heavy), which helps it stay in place during use. The board’s surface also features a precision texture to aid grip and cut. Cleaning is hassle-free as each plate is designed to fit any and all home or commercial dishwashers. Our plastic polycarbonate can withstand temperatures up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit (compare this to 145 degrees for standard polyethylene), ensuring that the cutting board is safely disinfected without damaging or distorting the board. All of our cutting boards are produced in quality controlled manufacturing facilities. Comes in a generic standard white for all standard kitchen preparations and preparations, as well as color-coded options such as: red (raw meat), green (vegetables and fruits), blue (seafood and shellfish), yellow (poultry), brown (cooked meat) and black (bread ). This 3-pack essentials set includes white, green, and red for everyday household use in separate tasks. About Thirteen Chefs We are a team of industry professionals who design and manufacture professional kitchen gadgets and tools. All of our products are backed by a 6-month warranty – simply contact us for warranty service.
MADE FOR RESTAURANT KITCHEN CLOSES – Our high quality kitchen cutting boards are made from industrial grade HDPE plastic that is made to withstand the heat and intensity of a commercial cooking atmosphere. Designed to resist bending and warping while being used for meal prep, pulling pork, quick smoking, carving turkey, chopping vegetables, chopping fruit, scraping fat from raw chicken, and much more.
HACCP COLOR CODED & BPA FREE – To avoid cross-contamination, our kitchen accessories follow the standards of best food safety practices. This black cutting board is made for general use. It’s the only chopping block that meets all your needs. Versatile surface for meat, fruits, vegetables, cheese, slicing bread and making sandwiches.
BIG SIZE PROFESSIONAL CUTTING BOARD – Chopping many vegetables or eliminating lard and bones requires a lot of space to work with. A butcher block cutting board gives you the wide canvas that professional chefs use to get the job done. Never put yourself in a tight corner again. Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 0.5 inches.
SECURE GRIP SURFACE – The board’s surface also features a precision texture to aid grip and cut. It works best when attached to a non-slip towel or mat. At 1/2 inch thick makes this plastic cutting board great for saving space in your kitchen, traveling for food festival cooking, or feeding neighborhood outdoor cookouts without having to move a heavy board of dense wood.
PERFECT FOR Knives & Dishwashers – Each cutting board is durable, lighter and takes up less cabinet space than a wood cutting board. Wooden cutting boards must also be hand washed and cannot easily be placed in the dishwasher after use. Note: cleavers and serrated knives will damage the board.

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