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Thank you for visiting Crown Sellers and for taking the time to read this. It’s conceivable that anything went wrong when you came here, but in any event, the terms are ready and waiting for you.


Any kind of words related to us, we and ours in this website are referred to as crown sellers. Crown Sellers is the only owner and operator of this website. We are bound to provide you all the user information, the source, and the source of all the services we provide you here. The only thing we expect from you is that you accept all the terms, conditions, policies, and notices stated above.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully prior you browse or using the website. By visiting or using any section of the website, you agree to be bound by the provisions and terms of this contract. If you disagree with all of the terms and conditions of this contract, you cannot access or use any of the website services. Where these terms and conditions of service have recognized an offer, the acceptance of these terms and conditions of service shall only be restricted.

  • Your Content on the Website

Crown Sellers may amend or remove any description or keyword they believe is incorrect, unlawful, or susceptible to crown sellers‘ liability and you shall not, including in a manner intended to exchange on other people’s behalf, describe or assign keywords to your contents in an inaccurate or illegal manner. Any unauthorized access to your content, account or other security violations must be notified immediately to crown sellers. None of Your acts or omissions, including any loss caused by any such actions or omissions, shall be held liable for crown sellers.
If any of the Conditions are infringed, your Services will be canceled immediately.

  • Overview Conditions

At all times, we maintain the right to deny any person’s service for any reason. You agree that your material can be transmitted unscreened and can contain (a) transmissions across various networks, and (b) updates to adapt to and adapt to linked networks or devices’ technological needs. The information we have could be your email and your thoughts about our website, nothing more than that. You agree that no part of the system, usage, access to the service, or any contact on the website given to the service will be replicated, copied, copied, sold, resold or exploited, without our specific authorization. The headers in this agreement are provided exclusively for convenience purposes and do not affect these terms.

  • Services Modeling and Prize Modeling

At any time, our price for our products is subject to change without any notice. We reserve the right at all times and without notice to alter or discontinue the Service. You or any other party shall be held accountable for any changes, pricing changes, suspension, or discontinuation of the Service.


All the items or services only be accessible online via the website. As we provide amazon products so we are not involved in any sort of shipping, Transaction, and other shopping website activities. We strive to portray the colors and pictures of our items which appear on the internet as precisely as possible. We cannot ensure that the depiction of any color on your computer monitor is precise. We retain the right to limit the sale of our products or services to any specific location or jurisdiction, but not to any obligation. On a case-by-case basis, we can use this capability.
The number of items or services that we offer at all times is reserved for us.

All product descriptions and prices are similar to Amazon, thus, changes to the price of Amazon on our website crownsellers.com will immediately change without giving notice. We have the right to discontinue any product at any time. Any offer for products or services made on this site is void where prohibited. We guarantee not to meet your expectations or to remedy any errors in the service, by the quality of any products, services, information, or other material you purchase or get from us. We guarantee not to meet your expectations or to remedy any errors in the service, by the quality of any products, services, information, or other material you purchase or get from us.

  • Links Available on Crown Sellers

All of the photos, items, and descriptions on our website are taken from Amazon as we are the part of Amazon associate program or affiliate program. The links on our website will take you to Amazon’s main page, where you can place an order or add to cart; the only service we provide on Crown Sellers is that we find the best products in each category to save our users time and provide them with the best products they require, which are the result of our extensive research.
The purchase or use of the products, services, resources, materials, or other transactions conducted via a third-party website like in our case the company is Amazon, we will not be held accountable for the loss or damage caused by it. To submit complaints, claims, concerns, or inquiries, a third party should be sent to a third party or we can say amazon.

  • Website visitors’ responsibility

We are not liable for any of the damage to your personal belongings, you are responsible for all required measures to prevent viruses, worms, Trojan horses as well as any potentially hazardous or destructive content from protecting yourself and your computer systems.
Crown Sellers shall be held responsible for any harm caused by the usage or download by the visitor of the website.

  • User Feedback, Comment, and Other Details.

If you send us certain specific proposals (e.g. contest entries) or you send creative ideas, suggestions, proposals, plans, or other information (whether online, by e-mail, by post, or otherwise (collectively, ‘comments’) without any limitation or any other form) at our request, you agree that we can send them without restriction at any time. We are not and never will be bound to (1) maintain any comments personal; (2) acknowledge any feedback; or (3) answer any remarks.

We may supervise, update, or delete data that we assess in our complete mercy is illegal, insulting, insulting, baseless, untruthful, sexual content, absurd, or otherwise detestable, or that defies any party’s assets or these Terms of Service, but we have no obligation to do so.
You guarantee that your comments do not infringe on the interests of anybody else, in particular copyright, trademarks, confidentiality, reputation, or other personal or property rights. You accept that no harm, illegal, violent, or secular material in your comments or that it contains viruses or other malware on the computer or otherwise which can only cause damage to the Service or any linked site. You may not identify someone else, use a fake email address, or else mislead us or third parties regarding the source of any remarks.
You are fully bound to comment, alongside their accuracy. For any statements made by you or any other entity, we accept no responsibility or liability.


    In some situations, data may be offered on our website or on the platform that includes technical mistakes, imprecisions, and/or errors relating to descriptions of products are handled by us the crownsellers.com and other issues which include cost, promotions, offers, shipping costs, delivery times and availability are handled by amazon as we are not involved in that activities. We retain the right to repair faults, errors, or problems and to alter or update information or to terminate orders if the information is false without prior notice at any time within the Service, or on any connected website (including after you have submitted your order).
    We shall not even be bound to update, edit or clarify details, including pricing data, on the System or any affiliated websites, with exception of the provisions of the act. The Service or any affiliated website shall not be updated or refreshed with a specified deadline indicating that the Service information or all accompanying website information has been amended or updated.


You are limited from using the site or its information, in contrast to these other restrictions as set out in the Terms of Agreement: (a) intrude foreign, federal, provincial, or state reforms, laws or amendment of natives; (d) violate our trademarks or other rights; or (e) misuse, bullying, insult, threaten, ridicule, dishonor, taunting, or harm; (e) poke or abrogate other parties’ rights in intellectual propriety. (b) infringing, or violating the rights of others; (f) deliver misinformation, (g) download or transfer malware or any computer virus that will, or may, influence the processes of the Service or any internet websites, and, (h) receive or detect other people’s details. Submit falsifiable or misleading information to users; We retain the right, in defiance of any of the illegal usage, to stop your use of the Service or any affiliated website.

  • Limitation OF Liability And Warranties

We don’t assure, promise or guarantee reliable, quick, secure, or glitch-free use of our website, as online website errors may occur.
The result obtained by the use of the platform is not promised to be accurate or helpful.
You realize that we may delete the service from time – to – time without any notice or suspend it at any moment. You accept clearly that any use of the website is at your sole risk or your unwillingness to operate it. The platform and all the goods & services provided to you through the service shall be supplied and as is available formally, (except as stated clearly by our company) without representation, warranties of any kind, including all implied warranties or commercial conditions, quality, fitness for a particular purpose, longevity and title warranties and other stuff related to products are the purpose are handled by the third-party amazon we crown sellers are not responsible for that.
In no case shall crown sellers be made responsible for any trauma, damage, allege or harm of any kind, if what guide, informal, tangential, harsh, precise, ancillary, or profound, along with, without restraint, loss of income, loss of income, lost energy efficiency, loss of data or necessary assistance, in any case to our directors, staff members, affiliated groups, agencies, interns, provider of services and licensors Although, not confined to the faults and deficiencies in any information, loss of or damage of any kind induced by the use, transfer, or is otherwise available via the service by uploading or exposure of the platform or any content (or product), even if aware of its potential. As in certain States or authorities, for any implied warranties harm, we shall be confined to the fullest extent allowed by the law as our responsibility is not to be eliminated or to be limited to liability in such States or authorities.


As being part of amazon affiliate or amazon associate program (LLC) we will not be held responsible for any loss of your money as you make the purchase and all kinds of transactions through amazon, not us we are just providers of the best products according to our team although we are responsible for the information we provide in our website crownsellers.com it is not true that all the information will be accurate, as humans our priorities are a bit different as, one person like something and love to use it but the other person just hates it so the information mentioned in our website may be accurate or may not be accurate depending upon the user.

  • Cancellation

Any withdrawal of this contract shall preserve for all reasons the commitments and responsibilities of the parties committed before the notice period.
These terms of service of service are applicable unless you or we have canceled them. You may discontinue these Terms and Conditions of this agreement, advising us that you do not need to use our Services anymore, or even that you quit browsing our website.
If you perform poorly or daresay you have continued to fail to, to fulfill any terms or restriction of these Client Details at any time and you are liable for any amount due up to and including the date of dismissal and therefore deny your experience and give, then we may also terminate this Agreement at any time without notice.


We will not be regarded to have abandoned any privilege or change the terms of the Agreement if we fail to enforce or enforce such right or provision.
All such Terms and Conditions as well as any regulations and regulations made we post on or considering the Service shall provide us with a full agreement between you and us regulating your use of the Service, and shall nullify any prior or fresh agreements, connectivity, and plans, whether verbal, between you and us; including, but not limited to, any prior versions of the Terms of Service
The generating company shall not be entitled to have any inconsistencies in the understanding of these terms of service.


These Terms and Conditions shall be managed and defined in accordance with the law of (22393 N 76th Dr, Peoria, AZ, 85383, US) and any separate agreement through which our services are provided to you.

  • Amendment to the terms and conditions

The newest version of the Service Terms can be seen on this page at any time.

We retain the right, at our absolute discretion, to modify, and alter any policy and terms of Service by making changes and adjustments to the websites. You are expected to examine our website on a regular basis for improvements. After any changes are made to these terms of service, the acknowledgment of the changes implies your continuing use or access to our website or even to the service.

  • Contact Details

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