Seki Japan Kitchen Knife Sharpener, 3 Stage Diamond, Carbide and Ceramic Honing System, Restore and Polish Blades, Sharpens Dull Knives Quickly

Price: $26.24
(as of Sep 23,2022 17:17:09 UTC – Details)

Seki Japanese Kitchen Knife Sharpener, Diamond, Carbide and Ceramic Three-Stage Sharpening System, Restoration and Polishing of Blades, Quickly Sharpen Dull Knives This sharpener requires only 3 steps. Step 1: Use a diamond grinding stone to coarsely shave the edge of the worn pieces. Step 2: Use a carbide grinding stone to reduce the cutting edge and improve the sharpness. Step 3: To finish, use a fine ceramic sharpening stone to make the edge of the blade smooth. In 3 steps you can revive the sharpness of knives that have lost their cutting edges, too much pressure on the blade can damage the sharpening stone or the edge of the blade. Sharpen the knife Imagining that you are slowly pulling the knife towards you with little force, the protective rubber attached to the bottom allows the sharpener to be fixed firmly on the table even with great force Size-Length: 1214mm, Width: 48mm, Height: 47mm, Weight: 227g Seki is famous It manufactures its own cutlery and manufactures the majority of cutlery, such as kitchen knives, Japanese swords, pocket knives, scissors, letter openers, etc., within the country. Seki cutlery is famous for its high quality not only domestically but also abroad. These sturdy and precise knives are made one by one by Japanese artisans.

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