Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important for our existence if we miss-use that it’s not good for us so we place high standard. So keeping in view the information we have developed this privacy policy helps you understand how we collect, reuse, handle, and use personal information.

  • Our Privacy Policy is Outlined Below.

To collect data about how our website is used, we utilize a standard technique called “cookies” and server logs, just like many other commercial websites. Cookies and server logs may obtain information such as the pages seen, date and time of your visit, the time spent on our site, and the websites visited shortly before and after ours, finally, we also gather information about your IP address.

  • Image and Product Disclosure

The pictures and links on our website belong to Amazon, the respected owner, and we make no copyright claims. The second critical aspect is that, as members of the Amazon affiliate network, all of the products on our website are Amazon’s imports, and we are legally authorized to do so.

  • Use Of Cookies

A computer cookie is explained as a tiny text file that typically contains a unique identity. When you visit any website, the pc or mobile phone you are using will automatically send a permission request to the pc or mobile phone In use to store this specific file on the hard drive which is reserved only for cookies. If the browser’s setting allows the website to can send its cookie to your pc or mobile but for the sake of your privacy, your browser allows a website to only succeed cookies. It has already sent you cookies, not cookies from other websites.

  • IP Addresses

When you’re connected to the internet, your sole identification is your IP address. It’s a number that computers on the network use to identify and track the person who’s accessing the website. The IP address is usually gathered automatically by the web server as “traffic data” so that the desired result, such as a website, may be provided to you at your address. For your information, no website can provide you the desired results if we don’t store your IP therefore saving your IP is required to bring you the desired results.

  • Email Information

If you contact us through email we save your response, your email address, and our answer. We conduct the same security measures for these digital interactions so that your security is saved and we can use your responses for our further use. We receive your data as you e-mail, mail, or phone to contact us. If you register for our website, use your email address to sign up for any of our forms, you are agreeing to our terms. For further information, please see the email policies listed below.

  • Email Policies

Your e-mail address will be kept a secret at all times. We do not tend to sell our subscriber lists to third parties as it is not good for both of us, and we will never reveal your details to a single member, government agency, or corporation unless we are legally obligated to. Your personal information like your email will only be used to your benefit, to keep you updated about the recent updates about the site which will be important to you. Following federal law, we will keep the information you have previously used E-mail and that would be private and secure.

  • How Do We manipulate The Information That You feed Us?

In general, we handle your personal information to help you out and to run our company activities, deliver customer support, and make additional enhancements to our customers and prospective customers. When you visit our website, we will not acquire private information about you unless you choose to submit it to us, and such information will not be sold or otherwise conveyed to unaffiliated third parties without the user’s valid consent of collection. We may use your information if we are legally required to do so, but we will do so only if it is necessary, that is, if we believe, in good faith, that the law requires it or if it is necessary to protect our legal rights.

  • Use Of External Links

Crown sellers is an amazon affiliate shopping store so we do have links to our parent website which is amazon itself as we promote and sell their products. We do contain other useful links to facilitate our users but we do not guarantee the information to be true the hundred percent but it will be very useful for the specific users who need the information listed in the links. By using our website or our services you are bound to agree to our website’s terms and conditions of use or any other relevant laws and regulations. You are solely responsible for any of the applicable local and international laws. If you do not agree to any of these agreements, you are not permitted to use or access this site. In the United States, copyright and trademark laws protect the materials on this website.

  • Rights to Intellectual Property

All licensees of our website, as well as all material and software on our website, have exclusive ownership of copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property rights. Without our clear written permission, you may not utilize our brands, contents, or intellectual property.

You must not:

  1. Republish information on our website without our explicit authorization.
  2. For whatever purpose, copy or otherwise use the content of our website to reproduce, duplicate derivative works.
  3. Any content from this website, including another website, maybe redistributed.
  • Ethical Utilization

You guarantee to only use our website for legal reasons but by doing so, nobody else’s utilization and enjoyment of our Website are disrupted, restrained, or hindered. The prohibited behavior involves the bullying or suffering of all others, the distribution of obscene or offensive materials, or the interruption of the regular flow of discourse. You may not transmit spam ads using our website. You may not use the content on this website for marketing purposes without our prior written permission.

  • Access Restrictions

We maintain the rights at any moment in the future to limit access to (or to all) portions of our website. You must maintain both your login and password personally if you have a username and password for accessing restricted parts of our website at any time.

  • Using Testimonials

Following the FTC standards, please be aware of the following regarding the use of endorsements and testimonies in publicity. The evidence in the form of texts, audio, or video was released on this website. They represent the real-life experiences of the individuals using our goods and/or services. These are unique outcomes and might vary between individuals. We don’t promise the normal findings. All persons who use our goods and/or services do not appear in the testimonials. Exactly, save with minor grammatical and aesthetical bugs, review on this site (text, audio, video, or other) is published in any format. Certain sentences might be condensed. In other words, if the testimonial writer looks to be too long or if the overall message appears to be of little importance to the general public, the full message received will not be published. Any comments or opinions on are not the duty of crownsellers. Crown Seller is not a platform for testimonials but provides testimonies to consumers to talk about their experiences. All testimonies are only displayed after approval by the administration to prevent misuse. We don’t share the viewpoints, opinions, or remarks of any testimonies on the views are completely those of the original.

  • How do we protect and secure information transmission?

No safe communication medium is recognized by email. We advise, therefore, that you do not transmit sensitive information to us through E-mail. It is permissible, though, but at your own risk only. You can use the Secure Sockets Layer or SSL protocol to securely carry certain information provided on our website. We may recruit software packages to produce summaries used for a range of purposes, including determination of the number of visitors to our website, determination of which information is most of the least interest, determination of specifications of technical design, and identification of system performances or problem areas. Software programs are used to monitor web traffic to detect unauthorized attempts to upload or change information or otherwise to cause damage to site security and to maintain that this service is open to all users.

  • Responsibility disclaimer and limitation does not provide any guarantees that the information published on this website or any website linked to it is accurate to 100% and we are open to hear your recommendations . All materials on this website are supplied ‘as is’ without any implied guarantees, including marketability guarantees, non-compliance with intellectual property rights, or suitability for a particular purpose. In no case will the agents or associates be liable for any damages arising from or unable to use any of the content (including, without limitation, loss of profit, business disruption, information loss, harm, or death), even if the potential of such losses is warned.

  • Changes in Privacy Policy

We maintain the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, with or without explanation. However, please be confident that if the Data Protection Policy changes in the future, without your permission, we will not use your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy in a way that is significantly inconsistent with that privacy policy. In order to preserve and maintain the confidentiality of personal information, we are dedicated to operating our firm according to these principles.