Paring Knife set of 6 PCS, 3.5 Inch Stainless Steel Fruit and Vegetable Knives,Comfortable Handle With Multi-Colors Red/Green/Blue

Price: $13.99
(as of Sep 23,2022 20:35:28 UTC – Details)

Style Name: 6-Piece Paring Knife Set; Stainless steel fruit knives
WWhen it comes to precision and accuracy, the paring knife is every chef’s answer. Featuring 3.5″ paring knives with red/green/blue handles, this 6-piece set is sure to brighten anyone’s day!
WWhether you’re looking to expand your dinnerware collection or need a housewarming or hostess gift, this 6-Piece Paring Knife Set is sure to do the trick. This 3.5″ paring knife with a spear tip is extremely sharp and ready for anything from slicing and slicing and slicing to peeling and garnishing.
TThe seamless cuts of the uniform will help make each meal a work of art. Using a 3.5-inch paring knife, you can remove pepper seeds, apple pulp, trim beans, and devine shrimp with ease. The versatile paring knife is an essential tool in every kitchen.
TheLike a chef’s knife, a paring knife is intended to be used for a wide variety of jobs, however, the first and most important job of a paring knife is detail work and greater control. Even its slightly curved blade and pointed tip resemble a chef’s knife, but it’s a fraction of the size, making it great for small, precise cuts where control is essential. The pointed tip allows you to make complex cuts or check the tenderness of meats and vegetables. With increased maneuverability and dexterity, you will find endless opportunities to use this clever knife.
FEating a world-renowned blade and perfect balance, this 3.5 inch paring knife provides a professional tool optimized for home use. The sharpened knife edge is milled in two directions to hold a sharp edge for longer, and can easily be returned to its original sharpness.
DrDesigned to reduce hand and wrist tension while providing a secure grip, the nylon handle is lightweight and durable, making these knives feel like tools and more like the extension of your hand.

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