John Boos Block MYSCRM Essential Mystery Oil and Board Cream Care and Maintenance Set: Includes One 16 Ounce Bottle Mystery Oil and One 5 Ounce Tube Board Cream

Price: $28.95
(as of Sep 15,2022 00:39:08 UTC – Details)

Care and maintenance are essential to maintaining and extending the life of John Boos cutting boards and butcher blocks, or any loose wood item in your kitchen (pots, utensils, and more). This kit contains everything you need for easy, simple care, with one 16-ounce bottle of Mystery Oil and one 5-ounce tube of Bordeaux Cream. Oil or cream? Use Monday! John Boos highly recommends using Boos Block Mystery Oil first and then using Board Cream to renew, renew and protect your wood surfaces.
1. At least once a month (depending on usage and household conditions), apply an even layer of Boos Mystery Oil to all surfaces of a wooden cutting board using your fingers
2. Allow the opaque oil to fully penetrate through the wood fibers overnight, then wipe off any excess oil.
3. Apply additional oil to any visible dry areas or any other necessary causes and repeat the process. Don’t overdo the oil on the cutting board.
4. For added protection, it is recommended to use Boos Block Board Cream (sold separately at Amazon) to seal the top of the wood deck. Allow the chalkboard cream to soak into the surface of the wood overnight, then wipe off any excess cream.

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