Gorilla Wood Glue, 4 Ounce Bottle, Natural Wood Color, (Pack of 2)

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Gorilla Wood Glue is the adhesive that joiners, carpenters, and hobbyists trust with their woodworking projects. Gorilla’s wood glue, PVA glue, provides the benefits of an easy-to-use, water-based adhesive, with the gripping strength that Gorilla is known for. This PVA glue is incredibly waterproof and dries to a natural color that provides an invisible bonding line for your projects. Instructions: For best results, it is essential to prepare wooden surfaces before applying the glue. For lamination, the surfaces should be level, leaving the surface of the board free of machine marks, rips, and stings. Also take care to avoid buffing and hanging finishes. In general, apply a large amount of glue to one of the surfaces. On hard-to-glued wood, apply glue to both surfaces. Rub with the other surface to distribute the glue evenly on both surfaces. Sufficient amount of glue should be applied so that a minute bead of glue occurs when installing. Coverage: One gallon of gorilla wood glue will cover approximately 200 square feet. One fluid ounce will cover approximately 1.6 square feet. Clamping: The technique and type of clamp to be used is determined by many factors. In general, use enough pressure that will compress a fine bead of glue when the appropriate pressure is applied. Installation time (the amount of time the pressure must remain applied): 20-30 minutes for room temperature applications. The temperature should be above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Note that installation time can depend on temperature, humidity, and wood porosity. Curing time (the amount of time it takes for the glue to reach total bonding strength): 24 hours. Clean wet glue: Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe off excess glue. When the areas are completely dry, sand as needed. Click the Gorilla link at the top of this page to see other high quality Gorilla Glue products.
Easy to use water-based adhesive with gorilla grip
Best for construction, carpentry or hobby projects using any type of wood
Complete projects faster; Only requires 20-30 minutes of clamp time, fully cured within 24 hours
Use indoors or outdoors; Passing ANSI / HPVA Type II Water Resistant
Versatile and versatile; Ideal for use on hardwoods, softwoods and natural wood composites

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