Dairy Blue Flexible Cutting Board and Counter Protector – Lightweight, Odor Resistant, Dishwasher Safe – Color Coded Kitchen Tools by The Kosher Cook

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Keep your kitchen kosher while using high quality cookware Kosher cook! Our color-coded kitchen utensils are extremely reliable, durable, and easy to use so you can finish any cooking task with absolute simplicity. Colors and labels let you know if it’s meat, dairy or parfait at a glance. Products include: Kosher Cook’s comprehensive line of color-coded kitchen utensils and utensils includes: knives
Spoon, Ladle and Spoon Tool Sets
wooden spoons
Measuring Cup Sets
Measuring spoon sets
rolling pins
pastry brushes
cutting boards
cleaning sponges
dish brushes
sink strainers
Holders of pots, gloves and aprons
pot holders
resting spoon
Microwave Dish Covers
Stickers and stickers in English, Hebrew, French or Spanish
High quality Each product is made with safe, food-grade materials and designed to be long-lasting.Save it kosher

Kosher Cook provides a wide range of tools to help separate milchig, fleishig and parev. Color-coded utensils and utensils along with labels and labels allow you to see at a glance whether an item is dairy, meat or meat.

Whether you’re new to kosher-keeping or a seasoned veteran looking to make life easier, a kosher cook has the tools to maintain the highest standards of kosher cooking.

About a kosher cook

Part of the Ner Mitzvah family, The Kosher Cook is another way to help you preserve Jewish traditions and laws. Family-run since the 1940s, Ner Mitzvah is an expert maker of household products and a leading exporter of traditional Jewish items and gifts. Rely on the yoke mitzvah for all the needs of Shabbat, Hanukkah and Jewish holidays.

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