Caron & Doucet – Cutting Board & Butcher Block Conditioning & Finishing Oil | 100% Coconut Derived & Vegan, Best for Wood & Bamboo Conditioning & Sealing | Does NOT Contain Mineral Oil!

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A cutting board made with 100% coconut and butcher’s block conditioning oil. A natural, food-safe wood finish that is not made of mineral oils and is a petrochemical. The cutting board oil and butcher’s block will moisturize and condition the depths of the wood fibers. This will extend the life of your favorite wooden kitchen utensils by preventing cracking or damage from food and water. Unlike other common cooking oils, this cutting board oil is made from a specially refined coconut oil base with long-chain fatty acids removed. The result is an oil that does not spoil or start to smell bad over time. Keeps wood naturally moist making washing and cleaning easier. Made with essential oils to help eliminate any odors. | – Directions: – | Wash a wooden cutting board or butcher block and allow it to dry. Apply 1 teaspoon of Caron & Doucet cutting board oil, spread the oil using a clean microfiber cloth, and allow to dry for 30 minutes. Additional layers may be required for new or dry wood. For best results, add a waterproof finish using Caron & Doucet cutting board wax. | – Perfect for: – | Wooden Cutting Boards, Wooden Butcher Blocks, Bamboo Kitchen Utensils, Wooden Kitchen Utensils, Wooden Salad Bowls| – Ingredients – | Refined Coconut Oil, Special Essential Oil Blend.
Cutting board made with 100% coconut and butcher’s oil | Don’t fall in love with competitor’s concoctions! Unlike other butcher’s oils and vegetable cutting boards on the market, our base formula is 100% coconut-based (most of the cheaper “coconut” vegetable products contain palm, soy, or even mineral oils). Our cutting board oil is made in Canada with refined coconut oil that doesn’t rust or stick. It is also an ingredient used in specialty food production which makes it safe in contact with food.
Hydrates and Conditions | Designed to penetrate deeply into wood fibers to moisturize and condition. Extends the life of wood and bamboo kitchen utensils by preventing cracking due to water damage or excessive drying.
You won’t go rancid | Unlike common kitchen oils like flax, canola, olive and flaxseed, our products are made through a solvent-free refining process that removes long-chain fatty acids, resulting in a product that won’t spoil or smell unpleasant over time.
Makes cleaning easier | Made with a special blend of light essential oils that help eliminate odors naturally, while not transferring to food. It prevents food from drying out and sticking to the wood and makes cleaning easier.
Karon Family Trusted Warranty | Our family has been formulating and manufacturing 100% natural products since 1999. Our company is family owned and operated with the highest priority on satisfying our customers. I am sure you and your family will enjoy the products as much as we do. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money! – Stephen Caron, President

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