7 Best Gaming Glasses | Reviewed 2022

Using a computer, tablet, e-reader, or mobile phone might cause discomfort and other eye problems, even it has a specific name for the problem called computer vision syndrome.

Why do you need gaming glasses?

If you spend hours behind the screen playing games, then it is evident that you feel tired, sleepy, annoyed, stressed, eyes strain, and have occasional headaches.

This is because of the harmful blue light emitted from the electronic device in use. That is the main reason why you need best gaming glasses which will protect your eyes.

Things you need to know before you buy best gaming glasses

  1. Gaming Glasses should block harmful blue light. The glasses should contain UV-treated
  2. Glasses should be anti-reflective.
    Gaming glasses with LOW COLOR DISTORTION LENS are ideal.
  3. Gaming glasses should be lightweight, as to not disturb you while playing a game.
  4. Gaming glasses should have a crystal clear view to experience the original graphics of the game.

These details are included in the product label, where you can verify before shopping.

Now I think you understood why you need gaming glasses, and if you are a gamer, you should have gaming glasses to keep you going smoothly in your carrier.

Want to know the answer to the following basic questions about gaming glasses? Read the content after the list

  1. What are gaming glasses
  2. Why do you need gaming glasses?
  3. What do gaming glasses do?
  4. Do gaming glasses work?
  5. How much time does it take to get adjusted with gaming glasses?
  6. How do gaming glasses work?
  7. Do gaming glasses affect your eyes?
  8. Do gaming screens cause myopia?
  9. Do you need a prescription for gaming glasses?

(1) GUNNAR Razer RPG Gaming Glasses

GUNNAR is perhaps the most trusted model of best gaming glasses. The lightweight aluminium-magnesium frame of the GUNNAR Razer RPG Gaming eyewear makes it unique. They use “GUNNAR Focus” lenses, which provide a very slight magnification. If necessary, they can also be obtained with a prescription.


  1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses65
  2. 65.98% blue light blocking 
  3. 100% UV Light
  4. Anti-Reflective To Protect & Reduce Eye Strain & Dryness
  5. Amber Lens
  6. Adult (RZR-30001)


When watching tablets, desktops, TV, and computer monitors, our bright blue light shielding gaming glasses (Patent Lens #9417460) defend your vision power, preventing tension headaches and migraines. Gunnar makes gaming/computer glasses with an ergonomic design and a lightweight frame for all-day comfort on the screen.  GUNNAR, the famous gaming glasses for males and females, defends against conditions like headaches, cramps, eye irritation, blurry vision, adverse impacts of exposure to blue light, tumours, and vision problems, which are triggered mainly by excessive screen-staring. Our gaming and pc Glasses come with a zipper pouch, microfibre cloth, 30-day full refund, and one-year warranty. Table banana ha


  1. These glasses last very long, if not broken mistakenly.
  2. They are made of excellent quality material
  3. Nice frame.
  4. Gunnar glasses stretch to fit every face size.
  5. Lightweight Gaming glasses.
  6. Works very effective.


  1. The price is a little bit high.
  2. Leaves streaks on these lenses when you try to clean the lens without the cleaning cloth.
  3. Little bit uncomfortable with a headset.

(2) J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses

Simple and elegant, the J+S Vision Blue Light Shield. Because of their distinct design, they are excellent for both male and female gamers. They strike the best balance between fashion and eye protection.

Protect your eyes: High-energy blue light emitted by games consoles (such as computers, television, and phones) has been linked to an increased risk of vision issues ranging from irritating dry eyes to vision loss.

Decrease your exposure to high-energy blue light to keep your eyes healthy.


  • J+S Vision Blue Light Shield 
  • 0x Magnification
  • High definition lens
  • Low colour distortion 
  • Polycarbonate frame and Polycarbonate lens
  • Non-Polarized
  • Ultra Violet Protection Coating coating


The J+S Vision Blue Light Shield reduces the amount of blue light emitted by your game screen by roughly 90.45%.

They also block 98.85% of hazardous Ultraviolet radiation, offering all-around eye protection.

They decrease eye strain, which improves gaming performance and reduces drowsiness, headaches, and irritation.

They’re transparent to prevent colour distortion. Because the lenses aren’t coloured, you’ll be capable of seeing your gameplay without even any distortion.

Due to the apparent spring-loaded forehead locks, they are attractive and fit both men and women with big and small heads.


  1. 90.45% blue light protection
  2. 98.85 protection from UV rays
  3. Elegant for every wearer
  4. Comfortable and universal fitness
  5. Minimum distortion of colour


  1. 9.55% less protection from blue light 
  2. Ordinary look.

(3) Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

With this pair of best gaming glasses comes a matching title. This pair of eyewear seems as incredible as they sound and works much great.

They’re suitable for hardcore gamers that respect their appearance while gaming.”


  1. Plastic frame
  2. anti-reflective lens
  3. non-polarized
  4. Ultra-lightweight and flexible
  5. Glare UV Digital Eyestrain
  6. UV400 protection and glare reduction
  7. Ultra-lightweight and flexible


For a look and feel which fits gamers, these glasses are made to look elegant and small. Polyethene is used for the body and lenses. Find them incredibly light and versatile.

To minimize distortion and the risks connected with it, both lenses are non-polarized.

They’re designed to function for extended periods, so you may play for as long as you like.

These gaming glasses not just look stunning, but they will also shield your eyes from hazardous blue light.

They help to maintain eye focus, enjoy playing more effectively and for longer durations.


  1. They look stylish
  2. Maximum blue light protection
  3. Convenient fitness
  4. Lightweight
  5. Cashback promise for 90 days


  1. Needs magnification adjustment
  2. May cause some distortion of colour.

(4) STAMEN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Preventing Eyewear from Stamen is developed for gamers to be stylish.

They consider four various colours, sizes and substance design possibilities. They deliver blue-blocking that filters just the hazardous wavelengths.


  1. Anti-Eye Strain.
  2. Clearer Lens Better Sleep.
  3. Computer/Gaming Blue Blocker Glasses.
  4. Classic and simple design and stylish.
  5. Fit any face type nicely.
  6. Lightweight and long term use.
  7. Help to get deep sleep.
  8. More effective blue light blocking.


Stamen blue light glasses can help you decrease migraine from blue light to profound rest from all digital screens (e.g., your computer, games, phone, TV).

Add efficient blue lighting and use expert reedoon’s coating technology to filter harmful blue light more effectively to reduce tiredness, bubbliness, and dry eye disease.

Lightweight, wearing, no nasal pressure, no red markings, no tears in the clip. And because we utilized suitable plastics in conjunction with innovative process production, even if it is pushed to go in another direction, it won’t break easily.

Classic and simple design with the fashionable sunglasses, combined with a flexible nose-bridge, one size and unisex.

You’ll have a fantastic experience after ordering it. You may even wear them out of the house, and they are fashionable enough.


  1. Silicone nose pads provide additional comfort.
  2. High-quality product
  3. As being lighter, they are amazing
  4. Affordable in price


  1. In particular, they do not indicate that they have a reflective coating
  2. Glare may still be a significant problem.
  3. they don’t block UV light
  4. Also, the darker lenses don’t filter so much blue light

(5) KLIM Optics Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

The yellow hue on the lenses of those eyeglasses and the form of the optics and the frame finalize the gamer’s look.

Moreover, despite hazardous blue light and UV rays, they are powerful, and you will look beautiful and remain safe.


  1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  2. Reduce Eye Strain and Fatigue
  3. Blocks 92% Blue Light
  4. Glasses with UV Protection


For several hours a day, the human eye has not evolved to look on a panel. The blue light from screens, therefore, contributes to other health problems along the way.

The principal ones are the deterioration of the retina macular and cataracts. As of today, protect yourself.

After a few hours in front of the screen, do you ever become fatigued, maybe a little dry, or have a headache? That’s the solution of KLIM Optics; your eyes are restful, you are more careful. This enables you to play video games at full potential.

We detected a flaw in the blue light filter glass marketplace. Either you have costly computer glasses, which don’t cover all budgets, or highly inexpensive ones, which protect you falsely.

We wish to give exceptional protection at a reasonable price with KLIM Optics Anti-Blue Light Glasses.

Our lenses are German-designed, and 92 percent of the blue light filter is far greater than the norm in the industry. The TR90 frame is a strong but lightweight material. You won’t feel the glasses on your nose; they only weigh 0.7 oz.


  1. The cool look of the game
  2. High-average eyes-protection 
  3. Lightweight and convenient
  4. Efficiency and endurance improvement
  5. Cheap


  1. May distort the colour
  2. Not efficient for extended use 

(6) HORUS X – Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Gaming Glasses – Ultimate Protection – Professional Powerful.

The Horus X provides a solid eyesight prevention filter that lowers strain and stress on your eyes.

If you get migraines, your screen will certainly be responsible in part for your pain. So you enjoy 98.65% blue light filtering, 100% UV blocking, and more than 86.56% of all UV-Radiations when utilizing Horus X.


  1. Ultimate Protection
  2. spectrum 380nm-450nm
  3. Filters 99.52% of UV rays
  4. 100% filtration of blue light
  5. 86.54% of harmful rays
  6. Professional Powerful Filter
  7. Anti-Glare Anti-Fatigue & eyestrain for Screens
  8. Lightweight and compact
  9. UV-treated polycarbonate


TAKE YOUR eyes This year’s screen will last you more than 1500 hours (work, video games, computers, smartphone).

With gaming glasses (AMD, eye tiredness, headache), and IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE, provide long term protection from blue light adverse effects!

PURPOSE & PROVISIONS New 2.0 version enhanced Sit discretely on your nose, lightweight polycarbonate frame (27g).

Thin, fluid branches, even with a playful headpiece for maximum comfort


  1. As a lightweight, they are more compact
  2. Useful to have a nice sleep 
  3. Provide ultimate protection 
  4. You will not lose your money 


  1. Needs magnification adjustment
  2. May cause some distortion of colour.

(7) HyperX Gaming Eyewear

The HyperX Gaming Eyewear was created with hardcore players in mind, and it offers excellent shielding from harmful blue light and UV radiation. Anti-reflection coating is also present on the lenses.

These glasses are intended to be paired with gaming headphones and are built to be comfortable.

Four unisex frame versions are available, with their own set of materials and colours and a youth-specific option.

The others are available in a variety of sizes. Unlike many other blue-blocking lenses, these are transparent.


  1.  Durable acetate frame
  2. polycarbonate frames
  3. Dependable blue light and UV protection
  4. Nylon lenses
  5. Crystal clear lenses
  6. Anti-reflective lenses


Hand-cut, painted acetate frames are more resilient than coated polycarbonate frame and will keep their vibrant colours for extended.

Blue light and UV shielding: The premium nylon optics’ blue light and UV safeguards help to alleviate the consequences of eyestrain, such as headaches, vision problems, and tiredness.

Clear, anti-reflective optics produce real, vibrant colors, enabling you to get the most from your gaming performance.

HyperX’s signature comfort: With or without a headset, it’s designed to be easy for all-day usage.

Protect your eyes when using digital devices in a number of situations with this flexible and stylish design with hardshell protection. For safe and secure transport, a hard shell packing case and microfibre pouch are supplied.


  1. The frames are fashionable and adaptable
  2. with a focus on comfort when wearing a headset
  3. It is possible to include a prescription
  4. They have a youth-oriented frame design


  1. more expensive than some other alternatives
  2. Not containing yellow tint 

Typical question about gaming glasses


Do gaming glasses make everything Yellow?

Ans:  Simply, yeah, stuff seems yellowish/orange, but the view I saw use isn’t unattractive. For me, things don’t look orange. The whites appear a bit yellow, but it helps to remove the hard blue from the monitor display for my eye and sharpen my stuff.

Why do gamers wear gaming glasses?

Ans:  gamer wears best gaming glasses because They help you see colours more vividly and clearly by improving clarity, reducing glare, and providing a lighter hue (yellow tint).

Is it wrong to take gaming glasses on and off?

 Ans:  That is not a terrible thing to take on and off gaming glasses, but it might induce headaches and eye strain if you do it for too long. It’s not a big deal if you do it for a short period.

The final point of view 

You probably sit for hours on end before your screen if you’re serious about playing games. A pair of gaming glasses protect your eyes from damages. A nice pair of blue lights is a vital complement to your game configuration.

When it comes to producing high-quality gaming glasses that safeguard your eyesight, Gunnar is the market leader.

Compared to their more expensive counterparts, the more cheap glasses appear to provide the same degree of protection.

Clear lens glasses provide just 35.85% blue light protection, whereas amber lenses provide 65.25%.

Overall, best gaming glasses are well worth the investment, especially for people who play games for hours every day and wish to alleviate symptoms or avoid potential health concerns due to excessive screen time.

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