Affiliate Disclosure

  • Affiliate Disclosure

The Amazon Affiliate Program allows to promote Amazon products in exchange for a small commission if you buy them via the links on our website. The commission we earn is free to you because it comes from Amazon.

  • What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is identical to any Internet link, except that there is a tracking code that enables the affiliate network to determine if a dealer’s click is from If a sale is accomplished via clicking (provided that the item is entitled to a commission), the seller earns a minimum subsidiary charge. Please note that the pricing is unchanged for you. It’s just a way for the traders to reward you for recommending individuals to and for resulting in a transaction. is a member of the Amazon affiliate program, also known as the Amazon associate program (LLC), which is an affiliate advertising platform designed to allow website owners to earn advertising commissions by promoting Amazon products by linking their evergreen products from various categories.

We do not engage in any sort of shipping or purchasing operations; instead, we simply advertise Amazon’s items and collect a commission on that basis, and Adsense is our sole source of income.

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