8oz US+ 100% Pure Mineral Oil – Cutting Board Oil – Food-Grade – USP – GMO-free – Restores & Protects Cutting Boards, Butcher Blocks, Countertops, Steel Surfaces & More

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100% pure mineral oil – plate cutting oil

Food Grade – USP / NF

Repairs and protects cutting boards, butcher blocks, worktops, steel surfaces and more

Manufactured and tested by our own team of biochemists, American + 100% Pure Mineral Oil is a high-quality, low-viscosity mineral oil to ensure smoothness, ease of use and deep penetration into wood surfaces for long-lasting protection. It softens, softens and lubricates wood, preventing drying and cracking and keeping surfaces silky and shiny.

✔ Colorless, odorless and tasteless
✔ FDA approved food grade (USP/NF)
✔ Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO
Stable and inert – does not oxidize and weigh like other oils
✔ Inhibits the growth of bacteria
✔ Keeps steel surfaces shiny and rust free
✔ Protects marble and enhances smooth stone
✔ Keeps wood smooth, smooth and sealed

Highest purity and quality

American Healthcare Products+ Mineral Oil is 100% pure, food grade, kosher, halal, vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO. Our in-house biochemistry team checks and tests each batch to ensure the quality of each bottle.


Start with a clean, dry surface, and apply generously with a soft cloth. For wood, leave the oil for several hours to absorb before use.


Ingredients: 100% pure mineral oil
Package type: 8 oz (237 ml) bottle
The bottle is tightly closed
BPA Free Bottle

Our commitment

High quality pure and natural products for the health and wellness of your family

✔ 100% pure and safe ingredients
✔ Contains no preservatives, dyes, fragrances or additives
✔ Bottled in the USA in our FDA registered manufacturing facility
The quality of each batch is controlled by our biochemical experts
✔ Ethical Pricing
✔ Supporting hospitals and charities at the level of the Republic

American healthcare products + – Putting your health first

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